Swiss Node

The Swiss Node (Swiss Participant Node), which is recognized by GBIF international, is the body officially elected by the Confederation to create optimal conditions for the incorporation of biodiversity information available in Switzerland with the GBIF world network.

Thus the Swiss Node is in charge of contacting all Swiss institutions having such information (museums, herbariums, Centers of coordination) and then to index and accredit all those institutions which are prepared to diffuse it.

The Swiss Node must ensure the coherence of all the information provided with the standards defined by GBIF international. Furthermore it must offer the opportunity to institutions which wish to have a structure, efficient data processing management departments and integration of their information with the world network.

Its ultimate task is to inform the scientific community of its own activities and those deployed within the framework of the GBIF.ch project. This objective guarantees the development and regular up-date of an Internet site dedicated to this project.